Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wherein I would be a rubbish revolutionary

Not for the first time in my life it struck me that I would have been utterly confused during the Civil War (yes, these are situations I do ponder). For I am, without doubt or hesitation, a Republican (when I pointed this out in the middle of Pizza Express on Wednesday evening Dean almost choked on his one-olive pizza. His response is probably worth my republicanism alone). I don't need to go into all of the reasons why (not the time or place), nor do I need to point out that, as things stand, the monarchy wouldn't make my top ten list of things I would change this minute if I were somehow granted such terrifying (and misplaced) powers. However, should you be so inclined, my position and some of my reasoning, is summed up very neatly by Labour List.

So, Republican, right?


Answer: I have stood at the end of three shows in the past four years, one of them had David Tennant in it, one of them had lasted over six hours and the final one was Wicked. I LIKE SEEING MY MONEY ON STAGE. (A turn of phrase that, unfortunately, fits as well with yesterday's wedding).

I like beautiful clothes and big shows and community involvement and drinking champagne at 11:00am (okay, 10:30am - we'd opened the second bottle by the time it got to the actual wedding and, given that I was, aherm, working I can only guess what it was like outside of the confines of - hmm, maybe I should be at my desk). I like history and beautiful buildings. I like cake. I really, really like cake.

I don't like my money being spent on an already wealthy family. I don't like the police pre-emptive response to the wedding. I don't like hierarchy based on an accident of birth.

But - SPECTACLE. And happiness. And cake.

But, to mix metaphors, sometimes the team that you don't want to win has the best tunes. And yesterday was that writ large.