Saturday, March 20, 2010

The One With The Best Bits

Around this time last year when The Writers discovered the fact that I had been stealing their lives and sharing them with the internet blogging I found myself trying to explain what DA was to a group of people who had, let us be clear, missed a lot of stuff. Then, after I'd umm-ed and err-ed and Charming Canadian (because he is charming) had compared my blogging to Dostoevsky, I got to the bit where I said that I felt some of the best things I had ever written had been written for DA. And then it occured that whilst I might know where these posts are, most people wouldn't. Equally whilst I've been incredibly good and done an About Me page that is (for at least the next few days) fairly accurate it doesn't really tell you about me in the way that even a couple of posts might. So, over the course of many, many weeks, I've been through every single entry on DA. And remember there's over 700 of them and, some times, I WAFFLE. So that was a lot of reading. But when I was reading I noted any entries I thought should be available more easily. Which is how, dear reader, I ended up writing this entry.

The blogs that follow are not necessarily the most obvious ones. There were some I chose because I thought they tell you something about who I am. There were those I chose because I think they tell you something about what DA is. There were a few chosen because they are, one way or another, important. Some are silly. Some are serious. And a couple are just plain embarassing. Then there were those when I sat back and, with that writery-ego, thought - hey, this is quite good.

But, if you wanted to know a bit about me and only had time to read one entry (seriously, what's the rush?) then you should read this one.

Otherwise...well, it's been a fun journey hasn't it?

The Ones About Me:
On Being Called 'Corinne'
Catching The Theatre Bug
Graduation Party
Why I Don't Work In An Office Any More
On Not Arguing With Me When I'm Drunk
Being Clumsy

The Ones With The Boys I've Non-Stalked:
Harry McFly
My Richard
John Barrowman
David Tennant
And The One I Didn't

The Ones Where I Am A Literary Groupie:
On Literature
Paddy Marber
More Geekdom
Yet More Geekdom
Finally Some Useful Geekdom

The Ones About Oxford:
Hilary Term
Name Tags
Finalist Dinner
In Retrospect

The Ones Where I'm On Tour:
Dublin The First
V Festival
Dublin The Second

The Ones With The Little Things:
Evil Eye
New Doctor Who
Video Blogging
Flying A Kite
Tie Dye
Flip Flops (and Improv)

The Ones About My Writing:
Some Sort of Beautiful
SSoB The Anniversary
'REM's Back Catalogue' and Writers' Group
You're Not The Only One
How I Ended Up Back At Uni
Ovid Reworked: The Brixton Project

The Ones About Goldsmiths:
And What I Actually Found There
And In The End

The Ones I Would Rescue In A Fire:
The First Time I Blogged About Being Ill
Shakespeare Summer The First
Shakespeare Summer The Second
Because He Was A Little Bit Wonderful
On Saying Goodbye
Unsent Valentines

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