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About Me

About Me

Distant Aggravation is the blog of me, Corinne Furness, a twenty-something living in Streatham, London. I started writing on DA (as Distant Aggravation is more generally known by, erm, me and maybe four or five other people) when the 'something' was considerably smaller.

Though I now live in London I'm originally from Leeds. No one ever believes this because I don't sound like an extra in Emmerdale. All I have to say, however, is 'breadcake' and people tend to guess that something might not be quite right.

When asked what I do I say I'm a writer and theatre-maker (yes, this is what London has done to me. However, it also means I don't have to spend ten minutes failing to explain exactly what a 'Dramaturg' is). Along with Charlie Whitworth (who appears on here under a not-very-disguised pseudonym) I founded the theatre company Write By Numbers in Summer 2009. I'm Literary Associate for StoneCrabs Theatre and Blog Correspondent for I've been also been known to masquerade as a reviewer too. For giggles and stuff (the stuff being: making sure my rent gets paid each month) I work on a part time basis for Shakespeare's Globe.

Since beginning DA I've gained a BA in English Language and Literature from Oxford University (St Anne's College should you be oddly curious) and a MA in Writing For Performance from Goldsmiths College. The former left me with a penchant for the Boat Race, the latter with a penchant for Thai food from a New Cross restaurant where I once sat opposite David Walliams. I'm not sure which is the more useful in life in general.

In the past I've worked as (and blogged about being) an Admin Monkey, a Venue Manager for the Shakespeare Schools Festival, an Usher for New Theatre (okay, I no longer work there - I can name them as being the Royal Opera House if the BAFTA thing hadn't given it away already), a Duty Manager at the West Yorkshire Playhouse and a Front of House Manager for an Outdoor Shakespeare Company (yes, I no longer work for them either but given how indiscreet I was about blogging those two summers we'll agree to not naming them, right?). I've learnt lots from these jobs too - mainly that everything people say about actors is true, only multiplied by five.

Because I still get a reasonable amount of hits from what I deem my non-stalking I should probably say - I have a bit of a liking for Boys With Guitars. Over the years I've avidly supported one or two (see Fox, Riccardi, PYFB and, most of all, Griffin). I do still get asked about Griffin and though the heady days of running around the country in 2003/2004 are but a memory I still go to the odd (though no longer the very-odd) gig or two. I hardly need to mention, I rather like my actor boys as well. And whilst I'm here I should probably say: yes, I do like David Tennant (something of an understatement there I fear) and no, I do not know where he lives (we're not going to talk about the bewildering number of hits I get about that, let me just say - if I did do you think I'd be here writing to you now?).

I love the smell of old books, cities at night and tiramisu. I buy too many dresses, spend too much time on twitter and file too many blog entries under the label 'Drunk'. There's very little I won't do for a baked good. I'm currently learning how to knit. I ask people their favourite songs so I can go away and listen to them. I write down conversations I overhear on public transport. I'm proud to say that I'm a Feminist. I'd quite like to go to Latitude Festival every year for the rest of my life. I'm a fully paid up member of the National Trust, the Victoria and Albert Museum and Mecca Bingo.

You can find me on twitter, facebook and flickr.

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