Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On why you should not blog about theatre AND tie dye

“Do you know what happened today?” I ask in a pitch somewhere between my BREADSTICK! and DELFONT MACKINTOSH SERVER voice.

“Go on” Breakfast Club Boy says. Fleetingly, and silently, I commend his bravery for letting me continue.


There is a second pause before the laugh comes. Albeit a laugh tinged with the knowledge that I am going to start talking in CAPS LOCK.

“What did they say?”

“He said I didn’t count as a theatre blogger because I WROTE ABOUT TIE DYE”

(Of course that isn’t quite what Andrew Haydon said but, let it be clear, it seems ridiculous in the great-preview-debacle of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 not to consider that theatre blogs come in all shapes and sizes and thus rules and categories of print journalism are obviously not going to fit exactly. To suggest that it might be okay for me to blog about previews but others can't is as stupid as the idea that anyone can dictate a point of rather tenuous industry ettiquette to the web)


(Obviously it is not BCBoy’s fault that I chose to blog about his Christmas present or that Andrew Haydon couldn’t be quite bothered to read my blog before he picked at it and so, in many ways, this is a squealing over-reaction of the type that deserves my being told to SHUT UP. And to which I know at least five people reading this will be going “SHUT UP CORINNE”. And to think that this isn’t the occasion in the last month when BCBoy put the phone down on me.)

“Tie dye” I sort of whimper.

“That’s great” BCBoy says, though, for once, he doesn’t sound like he actually means it. “No, it’s not great, is it?” he says in a quiet voice.


So, lest you weren't paying attention to the ho-haa and the Guardian Stage Blog (and if you have a normal life, why would you be?), DA got featured. Without any mention to tie dye thankfully. Needless to say I fundamentally disagree with the thrust of that post but, hey, posterity and all that.

Maybe because some of the whole debate got me thinking - and then I went to an incredibly interesting session on theatre blogging arranged by the fabulous Twespians - I decided I want to put some of my theatre-stuff elsewhere. Obviously not the 52:52 stuff (yes, oh yes, I'm behind. I am going to sit and blitz it over the next few days before BillyTheKid shouts at me more than he already has). So I've started writing on the fault line, which is a blog about new performance writing and all that stuff.