Friday, December 31, 2010

The Guilty End of Month Post

What is that I hear? The panic of a month without a blog post?


I've a plethora of 52:52 venues to write up (if by plethora you can mean: six) and a half finished oh-my-god-I-saw-over-a-hundred-theatre-shows-in-2010 blog post that largely concerns the excellent and the terrible and not much in between (but then, that's how you remember things ultimately isn't it?).

Also - there has been a bit of temporary moving going on (I know, the moving thing is as boring for me as it is for you and I have to put up with the packing bit too). But I write this sitting in a beautiful book filled flat that has both a mini Shakespeare doll and a bit of a view of the Thames. Allegedly I'm helping flat-sit until April, but (as was suggested to me on twitter) I'm most likely chaining myself to the radiator and refusing to leave at that point. I've invited the world and his dog to come and have drinks with me in The Flat of Beauty so, obviously, if you happen to be hanging out in the National - call me.

Then I've got a story about a typewriter I've been meaning to blog about for six weeks (not least because it's going in my This Life-meets-Dawson's Creek sitcom/drama).

But for now - Happy New Year. I'll be back the other side of the weekend.