Saturday, July 31, 2010

August and Everything Before

So, erm, well, yes...

Last day of the month isn't it? Again.

But I'm going to try something different next month (different as in, I don't know, actually blogging). As of Tuesday I'm becoming one of those stereotypical London artsy types who flee north of the border during August. In short I'm spending a big chunk of August at the Edinburgh Fringe. I'm going to be reviewing for Fest Mag as well as soaking up the atmosphere, having drinks with everyone else I know who has decamped, seeing the play that will never die for the nth time, probably seeing something that is at least as bad as the Shakespeare play last year that made me rue the existence of Hamlet, (maybe) see something that rocks my world, play spotteds and, hopefully, not end my time in the city by crying in the middle of a street (oh, yes, Edinburgh 2009 what an emotional numpty you made of me).

I'm also going to blog my Edinburgh Fringe experience. Every day (is the plan). This isn't so much a case of reviews - there'll be links a plenty for those - but more of a life in a day type feel. Or, given how frantic I suspect they will very quickly become, something much less grand than that. Plus I'm thinking pictures and audioboos and, I'm certain, other things I have yet to think of. There will be spelling mistakes and bad grammar and run on sentences and, probably, at some point a story of me falling over.

But - I hope - it will be awesome.