Thursday, December 24, 2009

Not Quite A Christmas Speech

Not Quite A Christmas Speech

Did you know that David Tennant is on tv/radio 108 times in December?

You do now.

But that, obviously, can't quite explain away everything I've been doing. And, oh my, have I been doing. Doing. Doing. Doing. I've even been doing some stuff that I actually want to be doing. Which is a nice.

I've got a little bit of a recap of 2009 in the off-ing, only a recap with a slight difference - because it is themed! I'm going to put it up in sections when I'm back in London (not actually that long, National Express beckons for me just at the moment when I should be sat down crossing off one of those DT viewings in the form of Hamlet. Which, for those who don't follow DT's tv schedule, would be Boxing Day).

But for now (depending on your preferences) Merry Christmas/ Merry Non-Religious Winter Fest (you know who you are). Feel free to eat both mine (and DT's) share of the mince pies...