Friday, September 04, 2009

Round Up

Round Up

I'm in the process of writing an epic-blog-extravaganza all about my time in Edinburgh, just as I'm hoping to loop backwards and (at the very least) pay some sort of lip-service to all those other things I've done that I really should be blogging about.

But then - well, as my twitter feed would show, life got in the way a bit this week. And I don't want to write about my time in Edinburgh with the gloss of the last few days, because that is (quite simply) not fair. So I shall return to tip-tapping it out next week.

For now:

Here's my column for this week over on WhatsOnStage.

And, if you're missing me that much that you should feel so inclined, here's the links to some of my Edinburgh reviews:

Burn - Underbelly

Coffee - Pleasance Courtyard
(Just guess exactly how much the final sentence of that review made me weep with corny-savage joy)

Destroy Powerpoint - C SoCo
(Let the record be straight: I have neither made nor given a Powerpoint presentation at any point in my life. I consider this something of a result)

The Fall of Man - Pleasance Courtyard
(First show I saw in Edinburgh this year and what was that - oh, nudity)

Killing Alan - Underbelly
(Gawain and the Green Knight! And I didn't know until mid-way through when I thought - hey, hang on, this is all getting a bit Middle English on me. It was one of those lovely smug Stoppardian moments when you get the allusion)

The Inconsiderate Aberrations of Billy the Kid
- Just the Tonic @ The Caves
(This deserves some sort of marker for being the only show where not only did I get to eyeball the actors I also ended up with their sweat on me.)

NewsRevue 30th Anniversary - Pleasance Courtyard
(Just after myself and Simon Amstell almost died whilst crossing the road. Little bit of smugness during the show for being the one person in the audience to laugh immediately when Cameron/Brown version of 'Popular' from Wicked started)

The Opposite of Waiting - Venue 13

Precious Little Talent - Bedlam
(Officially my favourite of all the shows I saw, it had me at the opening monologue. Also, Bedlam was officially my favourite venue too. All round goodness. And I would entirely be open to non-stalking Simon Ginty)

Time Out of Joint - C SoCo
(Trust me, that was me being kind. Over on Confessions of a Theatre Snob the label is "not as bad as the Barbican" after one horrific performance there. For me it may forever be "not as bad as Time Out of Joint").

In addition, with the little baby steps of a new project we're rolling out the Write By Numbers Blog so I shall be posting over there muchly (and persuading other people to blog if I have my way).