Monday, August 17, 2009

My First Ever Blog Written From A Train

My First Ever Blog Written From A Train!

Hello? How have you been?

Me? Well, a tad busy what with writing a play and doing two paid jobs (plus two unpaid jobs) and (obviously) it taking four hours to travel anywhere in London. Oh, and that little thing called finishing my MA (which I gloriously did when I handed in my last piece of work four days ago).

With that done I would say that I'm going to have more time but that would be one big fat lie. Mainly because of this. We've not officially launched but I'm getting the blogging going (yes, so I'm blogging there and not here - I am a horrible, horrible person) so feel free to pop round and say hello.

Also, as I type this I'm sat on a National Express train, somewhere between Newcastle and Scotland (sat on the wrong side of the train for the beautiful sea view but, hey, free WiFi!) heading towards Edinburgh. As well as seeing far, far to much theatre, probably drinking too much and socialising with Breakfast Club Boy and Charming Canadian who have been strutting their stuff at the Fringe for the last two weeks, I'll be reviewing for So you can read more stuff that I've written that isn't on this blog there. And, of course, twitter because I'm tweeting my way across Edinburgh too.

Given I have (so far) fourteen shows to see in four days it might get a bit hectic. I'll see you on the other side, right?