Tuesday, July 14, 2009



Friday Morning: Hand in Play worth 60% of my final MA grade.

Later Friday Morning: Go to Latitude. Try not to fall over on the train because backpack is ridiculously heavy [see: Latitude 2008].

Friday Afternoon: Put up tent. Possibly in some sort of medium to heavy rain shower if the forecast is to be believed. Possibly swear.

Later Friday Afternoon: Drink Pimms and plan who I am non-stalking at any given point over the weekend (and, indeed, how best to non-stalk Simon Armitage).

Friday Evening: Try not to get jealous over the fact that Dean, Director Boy and Arsenal Fan are all camping in the 'special' camping area that has FLUSHING TOILETS.

Later Friday Evening: Wave my arms above my head in a field full of strangers in an uncoordinated and slightly manic way to the sounds of the Pet Shop Boys.

Saturday Morning: Wake up in tent and be mildly confused as to where exactly I am.

Later Saturday Morning: Sit somewhere eating over-priced bacon sandwiches (ideally with Marcus Brigstocke in sight) and think how great the world is.

Saturday Afternoon: Be utterly charmed by Simon Armitage.

Later Saturday Afternoon: Gain a girl-crush on Emmy the Great.

Saturday Evening: Dance like it is 1989 in my pink-prom dress at Guilty Pleasures '80s Prom night whilst seeing how long Cat manages before requesting some NKOTB.

Sunday Morning: Wake up still not knowing why I'm in a tent. Or indeed why there is a pink '80s prom dress next to me.

Later Sunday Morning: Try not to get in photos with Arsenal Fan as we have the same hat.

Sunday Afternoon: Thom Yorke. With a guitar. In a field.

Later Sunday Afternoon: Steady myself with some theatre. That doesn't involve zombies (RSC take note).

Sunday Evening: Gaslight Anthem, baby!

Later Sunday Evening: Watch one of the biggest reoccurring jokes of my last six months - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - all the while sending gloating texts to Breakfast Club Boy even though - and I would not articulate this - it will be odd seeing Nick Cave without him.

Monday Morning: Return to London unwashed and possibly slightly bruised but with that very special Latitude glow.

Monday Afternoon: Wash, put clean clothes on and then -

Well, then it's reality and questions and choices. And everything that goes with that and what I'm doing now. Life no longer on hold in respect of looming degree, or re-writes, or, and how I hate this word, timing. And sitting here now I am still not sure what any of that means or what, when I finally ask the question, my answer will be.

But for now there is a play to finish and Simon Armitage to non-stalk. I shall see you on the other side.