Friday, December 12, 2008

And now they've started calling me Petunia

And Now They've Started Calling Me Petunia

"Petunia - who'll play Petunia?"

There's a silence. Not the kind of silence which met the call to play a black teenage MC some weeks earlier but a laidback silence.

I make the mistake, however, of making eye contact.

"Corinne - Petunia's posh after all".

The laughter from the rest of the group comes a little too quickly. It occurs for the first time that they think I'm posh.


I hear a voice that I cannnot place say as I accept the script.

Once almost everyone in the room has been asigned a part (this is something greeted with much enthusiasm, rarely are readings so inclusive) we begin to read. We get to Petunia's entrance.

Charming Canadian reads the stage directions: "Petunia enters, she has dark hair, pale skin and is wearing a flowered Laura Ashley dress".

I look down at my flowered dress, both my dark hair and pale skin visible, almost unable to register what has just happened. The rest of the group take approximately the same time to process events. This is possibly the best unwitting joke of the day.

"Shameful" Someone says as I cover my face with the script.

Monday, December 01, 2008

I Have Taken To Writing Down Conversations...

I Have Taken To Writing Down Conversations I Hear On Public Transport. You Have Been Warned.

Because this one made me smile.

"I couldn't live in the country -"

"Have to be a city, and London - "


"But I was talkin' to Ste, he's livin' in Milton Keynes now -"


"And his daughters - all the things they can do there. The quality of life. In Milton Keynes there's no gangs, or fighting or knives - not like in London. And I want that for my daughter, that kind of life. So I thought - Milton Keynes. I could live there".