Sunday, September 28, 2008

On Waterloo Bridge

On Waterloo Bridge

For a second I was filled with the horror that I might commit a DA first: managing not to blog during a calendar month. Given my tardiness during 2008 (excluding the golden month of June when blogging almost hit 2005 quantities) this should not have come as a shock to me. This is what happens the inner voice should shriek. It is a slippery slope towards realising the last time you blogged was 12 months ago and you can no longer remember your login password. Well. when all around me are losing their will to blog, I have to stand up and say: NO! And so I did not want September 2008 to hold the dubious honour and thus here I am, in a library (I shall get to why a bit later), on a Sunday when it is resolutely glorious outside, blogging this.

So - do you want a haphazard list of the exciting things I've been doing (and not blogging about)? I (hope) to return to some of these later, if only for the fact that I promised Director Boy a blog and haven't gotten round to it. But my time away from you has been spent: dressing up for Sing-Along-A-Sound-Of-Music, dressing up for a Murder Mystery Party (see a theme), having lots of coffee with Dean, hunting for blue shoes, attending The Gay Wedding of the Decade, giving a speech at said wedding and basking in the compliments, seeing Griffin in York, drinking at the Evil Eye, drinking for 8 hours in North Bar even though I'm not a big fan of North Bar, visiting the new Leeds museum, seeing (and loving) Waves, seeing and being intrigued by Beyond Measure and spending three days in Oxford and staying in a B&B which aspired to be Fawlty Towers.

That, at least, is the bit that I can tell you without having to divulge all the exciting things that I haven't yet divulged. To give the story in brief since we last spoke I have: moved into a new flat, resigned from the WYP and left Leeds. Which, in one swift move, makes my 'About Me' page hopelessly inaccurate. Why did I do all of this? Well, for many, many reasons (not all of them the obvious ones) I've gone back to Uni. To be accurate: to do an MA in Writing for Performance at Goldsmiths. As a result of this decision, I've found myself living in a flat in Forest Hill, South East London. Forest Hill no longer has a forest (though there is a bit a greenery) but it still has its hill. Needless to say I shall not be walking up it on a regular basis. The other major change (for why do things by half when you can entirely change your life in one swift move) is that I have a new part time job (non-stalking David Tennant does not pay for itself), as in 2005 as an Usher (but a much, much better paid usher) at what I shall (unorignially call) New Theatre. There is a snazzy uniform and the opportunity for much celebrity spotting. Clearly we are made for each other.

The past couple of weeks have gone by in something of a haze, first in the whirl of goodbye things (and presents! Lots of presents! I should leave places more often! Especially since I finally got my hands on a tambourine!) and then in a haze of new places, routines and people. Today is the first day in what feels like a long time that I haven't had something to do or somewhere to go (which comes as something of a relief). I'm not fully settled yet though there are two things that have stood out for me in the past few days to make me think I have made the right decision: 1) arguing at 10.00pm, vodka in hand, about whether writers are superfluous to the creative process, surrounded by people who cared as much as I do and 2) crossing Waterloo Bridge on Friday night and not being able to breathe because it was all a little too beautiful.