Dramatis Personae

This is not a fully comprehensive cast list but I have attempted to include - in alphabetical order should there be any kind of identification emergency - anyone who has appeared in more than one blog on DA.

Arsenal Fan - AF is single handedly doing quite a lot for my perception of Arsenal Fans even though he started a rumour that I was directly responsible for Harold Pinter's death. Amongst many other things, my WBN partner in crime. [see also Writers, The]

Bar Boy - A former employee at the WYP and the person who was most likely to play with the swivel chair in my office. And to do something a little bit crazy.

Becky - There is just a little bit more rock 'n' roll in my life because of Becky, rather famously her dare to me in the Evil Eye one night that concluded with me 'borrowing' a didgeridoo almost resulted in my being arrested. [See also Northern Division]

Billy The Kid - the eponymous lead in the play which will never die who once, quite rightly, shouted at me for not having interests which rhymed.

Billygean - Blogger extraordinaire who on more than one occasion has, metaphorically, held my hand. DA would be much the worse off without her encouragement and wise words.

Bourbon - Named after the biscuit rather than the drink (best not to ask), Bourbon taught me how to fly a kite, was involved in the great Mmmbop debacle on the Oslo-Bergen train and is the rebellious daughter in our Norway Family saga.

Breakfast Club Boy - So called because of a resemblance to a character in the film. A Camerican actor, writer, boy with guitar and some time wearer of tie dye. [see also Writers, The]

Byron, Lord - The Romantic Poet who I probably pay far too much notice of. That a boy once used the line "Byron's shoes were in my library" on me probably speaks volumes.

C - A floppy haired, roll up smoking actor with a book deal and a mouth full of Shakespearean verse who I first met in Summer 2006 whilst working for the Outdoor Shakespeare Company. The results were somewhat predictable.

Cat - Triumphantly the co-creator of 'The List of Shame', fellow member of the Fashion Police and the drummer in our girl band. And possibly the only person I have met for whom the desire to catalogue is as strong as mine. [See also Northern Division]

Charming Canadian - Utterly Charming and a Camerican, with a nice sideline in shorts and comedy rants. [see also Writers, The]
Corinne/ Coza / Connie- That would be me.

David Tennant [also referred to as DT] - Amongst many things (including my three-time Hamlet) Doctor Ten in Doctor Who and, more importantly, my future husband. He just doesn't know it yet.

Dean - Formerly 'D' but now a full blown person; the Will to my Grace, the Florence to my Fred, and the Dean to my Pearl. And he's worked at the National Theatre, y'know.

Director Boy -  Curiously enough, a Director (along with being civil-partnered to Dean - see above - and my former flatmate). And a proper West End Director at that I would have you know. He is both wise and knows how to use a steam cleaner, thus I like him lots even though he publicly mocks my love of Titanic.

FAS [also referred to as Famous Actor's Son] - The Son of an A List Celeb who I have great stories to write about in my memoirs. I would obviously write them on DA but I would never work in theatre again.

Former Soap Star - For almost a decade starred in one of Britain's biggest soaps before he embarked on being a 'proper actor' and thus appearing in my life.

Fox - A fully paid up member of the Northern Division. Has managed to tackle the three great fame no-nos: reality television, Eurovision and musical theatre and still managed to come out the other end.

Gayle - Should you wish to know anything about trainer-type footwear then Gayle is your woman. Also very good on the subject of 'how young is too young?'. And, legendarily, the person who I ran around with in a bar at a quite nice hotel in Middesbrough doing a victory celebration. [See also Northern Division]

Ginny [Woolf] - Also known as Virginia Woolf. My favourite ever novelist. I could go on.

Griffin - My original BwG [Boy with Guitar] and consequently there is quite a lot of love in the Griffin room. Was the runner-up in the tortuous reality television show of summer 2003 and had a top ten single, an album and a whole group of fans following [non-stalking] him around the country. Now to be seen playing various low key gigs in York and still being rather good.

Graduate, The - Someone who was making his way out of my life just as DA was making its way into it.

Harry McFly – The drummer in the band McFly. He is a bit posh and a bit funny. Sadly he currently has very little hair and doesn't know where Amsterdam is. I still totally would though.

History Boy - An erstwhile Opera and (more often) drinking and debating companion; people have (just about) stopped asking about the status of our relationship.

Irish Actor - An (absolutely wonderful) actor who I met during Summer 2007. Though, as Facebook attests, he still owes me a drink.

Irish Boy - Not to be confused with the above, a some time drinking companion and the person most likely to have me shout at him over Beowulf. There is still - semi-famously - a bet I won with him which he has yet to fulfil. [see also Writers, The]

J - A former work colleague, both at the WYP and the Outdoor Shakespeare Company, who is possibly the funniest drunk I have ever known.

John Barrowman - Musical theatre star, TV judge, sometimes ice skater, and, triumphantly, Captain Jack. Also, in the flesh, almost abnormally beautiful.

(Lovely) Tour Guide - Another WYP and Outdoor Shakespeare-er, who not only directed us around Norway, and is one of the 'off-roaders' in my life but who also held the house party that involved 'The Great Cheese Sandwich Incident'.

M - A WYP-er with a sideline in utterly terrifying drinking games.

My Richard - The actor Matt Conor who I happened to see when he was understudying the role of Richard III in Northern Broadside's Edward IV in Spring 2006. I developed something of a long standing crush and have been not so subtlety non-stalking him ever since.

N - My line manager at the Outdoor Shakespeare Company.

Nik - Not only did Nik queue (twice) for Alan Bennett for me but she also put up a tent in a field, won a comedy photo award with me and held my hair back when I was sick. We even survived going to Dundee. Plus she sends me pictures of Harry McFly. [See also Northern Division]

Northern Division, The – "It's not geographical – it's a state of mind!". The name was dreamt up on a journey to Liverpool (long story) and, somehow, it stuck. Though, really, we're the ND.

Oberon – Actor with the Outdoor Shakespeare Company in both of the years I worked with them.

Obi 2 – My sister.

Obi 3 – My first brother.

Obi 4 – My youngest brother. See what I did there?

Old Friend – On a technicality, Old Friend is actually Dean’s old friend and I've only known her since summer 2006. But the name stuck. The good daughter in our Norway Family and, along with Breakfast Club Boy, one of the two great pun-ers in my life.

Other Corinne, The – Otherwise known as the singer Corinne Bailey Rae. Her rise to fame has meant a number of things to me: mainly that I will answer if someone says "Bailey Rae" in my direction.

Oxonian – Another actor, this one with, as his name suggests, a degree from Oxford.

Paddy – Known in other circles as Patrick Marber of Closer fame. Possibly proving I should get out more I recognized him from the back of his head when he came to see my play.

Posh Young Farmer Boy [PYFB] - Paolo Nutini whom DA marked for stardom long before 'Last Request' , the number three album and the Brit nomination. Smug, me?

Rosalind – The first time I met Rosalind, in the midst of a tech rehearsal, she told me she loved my (pink flowered) wellies. I was always going to like her.

Shona – It was because of Shona that I joined the National Trust. Less culturally sound she also may have had something to do with the encouragement of my John Barrowman fetish in its early stages. [See also Northern Division]

Surfer Girl - The ying to my writing yang who, as her name suggests, can actually surf. [see also Writers, The]

Stunning Rower [Rower] – A fellow Outdoor Shakespeare survivor who not only had a wickedly dry sense of humour but could actually, properly, row.

Techie Chris – Unsurprisingly, a techie. Also notable for being driver of Belinda the van and making me laugh far too much over his enthusiasm for his toolkit.

Val – A fellow theatre snob with a penchant for David Tennant, John Barrowman and sparkles. It has been said that we can be scarily similar about things. The main difference? She likes cats. [See also, Northern Division, The]

Vintage Queen – Former work colleague who I got very drunk with on more than one occasion during the summer of 2007.

Writers, The - The Collective term for the 2008 intake on the MA Writing For Performance Course at Goldsmiths.