Saturday, January 07, 2012

Craft #1: Kate Bush Hoop

Bit of an easy start given the fact that I am currently totally in love with hoop art and, after the ever reliable heart shaped lavender scented bag, hoop-stuff was my most gifted Christmas present.

This one was a not-mentioning-the-b-word present for @arexx. It's basically trains and a lyric from Kate Bush's "50 words for snow". Random - probably a little bit, but for a boy who likes trains and that song, also pretty cool I think.

I did think when I was making this that you could quite easily illustrate every one of the 50 words for snow in this manner (see where these things lead? EPIC projects). So - maybe one day. The thing I noticeably forgot to do with this was add some ribbon at the top so that it can easily be hung. Naturally I realised I'd forgotten this only after I'd wrapped the present and, being too lazy to undo the wrapping, I made @arexx open it before-the-day-the-present-was-intended-for and then demanded it was handed momentarily back to me - whilst a little bit drunk as it turned out - so I could attach the ribbon. Most likely in a vaguely wonky manner.

I'd like to pretend I had this project planned out in a brilliantly artistic coming together of fabric and lyric when in reality what happened was: I saw the lovely train fabric on Fabric Rehab when I was buying stuff in October in a burst of pre-Christmas-present-making organisation (don't worry, that didn't last, I ended up still sewing on Christmas Eve), bought it on a whim and then had to invent a reason to use it. So it's a good job I now know someone who likes trains. (If someone in my life would now proclaim a liking of Scandinavian birds and trees so I could buy this, that would also be good.)

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