Saturday, January 07, 2012

2012: The Resolutions

Because I should have these out there to shame me into doing them.

1. Read Ulysses.

This was definitely on my list of resolutions in 2007 and 2008. Having failed to even read one page I put this aside for a while and then, in 2011, I concocted a plan to read 3 pages a day from Bloomsday onwards and thus I would finish reading Ulysses in a year. And y'know what? It was going well until I went to Edinburgh Fringe and along with stuff like eating vegetables and having more than four hours sleep a night the Ulysses plan fell apart. And, out of the loop, I haven't picked it up since. Now you could say (and people have said: AT LENGTH) that I should just give it up and stop worrying about not having read this. As someone who shall remain nameless has told me at least five times reading Ulysses will not make me a better person. And I know this. But it remains: back in 2002 when I was young and foolish and thirty seemed a long, long way away, I decreed that by the time the 21st January 2013 came around I would have read Ulysses. And have read it I WILL.

2. Make one crafted item a week.

I'm not going to stick too many rules on this, just CRAFT CRAFT CRAFT because it makes me happy. I'm going to stick them up here as I go along too. Even the ones that go horribly wrong.

3. Set (and publish on here) a writing goal each month, keeping track of my progress as I go.

Let's get this clear: I need to write more. I need to be more disciplined about finishing my own stuff, as opposed to helping birth other people's stuff (though I love doing that too and don't intend to stop). I've got unwritten ideas spilling out of every drawer and that needs to be marshalled. And I do like a target - the point is they have to be realistic, which is why I'm not setting them out for the year now as that would be a recipe for disaster given there are a couple of projects in the 'pending' tray which could knock my plans sideways if they came off.

4. Upload to What I Wore Today every day.

I started uploading to the fab WIWT back in the summer and then (yes, you've heard this excuse before, but then it is my excuse for everything from that I didn't get round to doing last year - and quite a few things I did) I went to Edinburgh and stopped. But I think it would be a lovely way to record the year in the outfits I've worn each day - and also to encourage me to find the way to the back of my wardrobe. You can follow along here (as you may note I've buggered this one up slightly by uploading my 6th January outfit after midnight due to my coming home after midnight, slightly tipsy. And, since you can do one upload a day I'm just going to have upload two different outfits in one go on the 8th January. Phew. You can bet this is going to happen at least once a month).

5. Have a holiday.

Y'know. Go somewhere quiet. Go for walks and visit NT properties. Write a bit. Read. Relax. I haven't had an actual holiday since I went to Berlin in 2009. I think I'm probably due one.

6. Be a home tourist and visit 12 places in London that I haven't already visited.

At the point last year that I got a bit 'theatre-ed out' I ended up spending some of the time that would normally have been dedicated to sitting in darkened auditoriums going places (I even, shock horror, went to the cinema) that I don't normally have the time to visit. Plus, it's a tad ridiculous that I've been to Keats-Shelley House in Rome but I haven't even seen the outside of Keats House in Hampstead.

7. Blog at least once a week.

Fairly self explanatory, but I clearly could do with some discipline around here.

8. Make the effort to shop locally (and ethically).

I know this point sounds a little bit broad, but I think this one's an ongoing journey. Ideally I'd like to think that by the end of the year I'd have made serious inroads into not using Supermarkets. Lots of little things I'd like to make more effort on in relation to my opinions on THE ISSUES come under this one, in terms of buying handmade/ recycling / upcycling and generally doing my (little) bit to live in a manner that reflects the kind of society I would like to live in.

9. Send a postcard to each of my brothers once a month.

Because phonecall are alright and all that, but getting postcards is definitely cool.

10. Make a quilt.

I've started and finished this list with things that I (foolishly) suggested at some point that I would do before the age of 30. After seeing the V&A quilt exhibition (in 2010?) I proclaimed on twitter that I'd add this to my list. So: quilting, right?

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