Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November in Bloomsbury

Someone commented in an offhand way a couple of weeks ago that I was looking lovely at the moment and thus was clearly an Autumn/Winter person. Let's put aside the fact that this means for the other six months of the year the implication is that I do not look lovely (though the state that Edinburgh Fringe left me in might make this a fair comment) and take the compliment. And, really, any excuse to wear brogues and my gorgeous Fever Charlotte coat and kick leaves about in Ginny Woolf's back garden (sort of) makes me deliriously happy. So, yes, I like Autumn.

But it's probably a bit more than that if I'm honest. Somehow, without my expecting it, and even with the Real-Life-Grown-Up-Drama, the Chest Infection of Death that wiped out much of September and being quite frankly a bit poor, I think this Autumn has made me fall back in love with London. So - thank you Autumn.

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