Thursday, November 10, 2011

It had to happen one day...

It's 12.30am in the bar of the Cavendish Arms. I've drunk quite a bit of mulled apple juice and rum (it is served in china teacups! I intend to start doing this at home). BillyTheKid has performed a five minute standup set which involved an elaborate extended rant on missing Jenga pieces. And now, because I am nothing if not conforming to type, I am having what we shall call an exchange of viewpoints with @arexx about what constitutes a "meaningful" relationship in social media terms. I am going to repeat some of those words: meaningful, relationship, social media. Yes, of all the conversations we could be having at 12.30am this is the one we chose. I am judging us too.

Just at the point where I have started gesticulating wildly with my arms whilst hopping on a semantic point of order the host of the evening comes over to our table and, striking a blow for publicans who I have traumatised thoughout the past decade of my life, pops a sign on the table:

In the moments that follow I acknowledge two things: 1. That this is undoubtedly overdue and 2. That I am glad that it is @arexx and not I who starts the "this isn't a debate" debate.

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