Friday, November 25, 2011

I am mainly listening to:

Tonight I should be at Chelsea Theatre watching Action Hero's Frontman. After 13 hours of sleep filled with oddly vivid dreams (though any form of remembered dream is odd to me and my dream-forgetting-brain) and a diet that still predominantly consists of toast based produce I have had to conclude that whilst I might be able to drag my body to Wednesday matinees the chance of either my ears managing to cope with the NOISE or my body staying in an upright position for the entirety of the evening are slim and I shall have to stay home with fruit tea, the latest issue of Mollie Makes and intellectual television programming America's Next Top Model (cycle 12). We won't mention this again.

What I may mention again is Kate Bush's 50 Words for Snow. LOVE LOVE LOVE.And, if you're wondering, my favourite word for snow may well be number 48: vanishing world.

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