Sunday, November 27, 2011

DA is mainly supporting Harry McFly

Temporary Housemate (The 2nd) puts his head around the living room door. It is 1:00am. Myself, Arsenal Fan and Purple are in the midst of our (almost traditional) late night reality tv catchup. Temporary Housemate (The 2nd) betrays only mild confusion at the realisation that this is how we have chosen to spend our Saturday evening. I mentally commend him for this.

Purple gestures:

"You can tell this is serious - Corinne is wearing her McFly t-shirt".

For yes, after the whole managing to be out of the house after 6:00pm for the first time in a week and eat something approaching actual food, I have promptly come home and changed into pyjama bottoms and a McFly "stargirl" t-shirt. I bought the t-shirt with ironic intent so this is okay, right? (A quick search on DA just revealed I paid 18 whole pounds for it back in 2007. That is some moderately-overpriced irony.)

But, obviously, it is serious. Harry McFly is indulging in competitive dance and I have reacted to this by: i)shouting "love you Harry" at the tv whenever his face pops up unexpectedly (predictable, really) and ii)complaining equally loudly about the fact that he has been repeatedly, and inexplicably, UNDERMARKED by the judges. Hey, it is like I care about a reality tv show or something.

But then, how could I possibly not care with a quickstep like this?

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