Monday, January 24, 2011

The Great Badge Challenge 2011

A couple of weeks ago I saw this in my twitter stream:
If you were paying attention you'll know that I visited the New Diorama as venue six of 52:52 (yes, I know I'm behind with writing up my venues - I'm on it). If it wasn't obvious I got a bit of a crush on them in the process. And do you know how thrilled I was when they won an award at the Peter Brook Awards? So thrilled I did a little dance around my living room (it's okay, Old Living Room was visible to no one. If I did that now half of Bankside's office block workers would see me). It even placated me after the Royal Court's innovation award for doing something that I did before them. Hmm.

Now not only do I love the ideas behind New Diorama (I'm not going to gush again - you can read me gushing here) I love how they've engaged with people on twitter. As a general twitter principle the smaller venues and companies could teach the big ones a lot. And I have to give New Diorama even further credit for noting the fact that i)I love badges and ii)I love a challenge. Basically they got me well and truly. I have to bow down to this.
Plus - a surprise prize! I am way too easy.

So, if you haven't understood the subtext here, I'm going to attempt to collect a full set of the Getting Connected Season badges. Game on.

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