Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Meeting

"And Alice Cooper?" I ask between mouthfuls of chocolate brownie.

"That is item 3" BillyTheKid replies, pulling out a crumpled receipt.

I blink. "You've made us an agenda that includes talking about your life?".

"Only on the back of a receipt when I was on the plane".

BillyTheKid displays the receipt. It's from a pub.

"An agenda on the back of a pub receipt is exactly what an actor would do". If the subtext isn't clear here, I am rolling my eyes quite a lot.

"Read it to me then".

"1 - Edinburgh funding application with 1.1 the application, 1.2 jazzing up my portfolio and 1.3 pitching".

I nod. That part at least is fairly straight forward.

"Item 2 - my current blogging whim. 2.1 setting up, 2.2 getting an audience, 2.3 the look - but then 2.3 might well be the same as 2.1".

"Yes" I say in my I've-been-blogging-since-before-I-knew-to-call-it-blogging voice.

"Item 3 - my life".

I sense this is where we're going to diverge from more traditional agenda setting.

"3.1 Alice Cooper. 3.2 Backup 3.3 The Crazy One. Only I think we might swap 3.1 and 3.2 around."


"Item 4 is any other business and then Item 5 is your life".

BillytheKid pauses.

"Though we can bump that up if you want to."

I'm laughing too much to actually form a sentence.

"You're going to blog this aren't you?"

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