Wednesday, September 01, 2010

DA is mainly coveting #1

Good things come in threes and I see more good things than my twitter stream would, quite frankly, put up with. So I'm going to put them on here instead.

1. I first discovered Aspire the day that I first saw David Tennant in Hamlet. What can I say - that was a good day. Since then I've purchased items from their Stratford and Oxford stores as well as online (and I can confirm that they wrap all of their items in pink tissue paper, both in person and in the post). I even won a Cath Kidston washbag through a twitter competition with them. Needless to say I obsessively check their new items and I'm crushing over the Yumi Cameo dress:

2. Since I'm here and a Fever devotee, I wouldn't be saying no to the Fever Bunty Jacket:

Fever's gently classic styling makes me punch the air, not least because their clothing works for those like me who are somewhat on the short side. Possibly most importantly every item I have by them always generates the "Oooh, where did you get that?" question. As a tip - their sizing is a little on the small side so, y'know, give yourself some give.

3. I'm curating quite a collection of vinatge headscarves at the moment, only in the first proper marker of the post Edinburgh Fringe blues I managed to loose my original Brighton headscarf somewhere around Victoria. I'm looking for a replacement for it currently which, sadly, won't be this vintage Karl Lagerfeld number over on My Vintage. But, oh, it's beautiful.

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