Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scenes From EdFringe: Quality

"The shop where we normally buy the silly string* was closed so I had to go to the joke shop on Grassmarket. And do you know how much it was?"

"Go on."

"£2.50! Normally it's £1.00."

"You should have told them."

"I did. And the woman was all: 'this is a bigger can and better quality of silly string."

"Better quality?"

"Yes, like even if you were using it for its intended purpose - for children to spray over each other at parties - you'd be concerned about the quality of it."

"I bet the woman loved you."


"Yes. For a woman running a joke shop she didn't seem to find it that funny."

*Billy has a scene which, each night, requires a can of silly string. I would elaborate on why but i)it would spoil it if you were ever to see it and ii)this is a family friendly blog.

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