Thursday, August 26, 2010

Scenes From EdFringe: Littlest Things

Because this is what Edinburgh looks like in August:
Almost artAlign Center

Because they weren't all mine but they might as well have been:

Because WBN meets Elephant Foot meets Made in China and y'know what? We all met in the Goldsmiths Drama department, Class of 2009*:
Goldsmiths Class of '09

Because this is where I got kidnapped by an actor:
A little bit Belt Up

Because the Zoo Roxy was prepared for anything:
Emergency precautions at the Roxy

Because the artist formerly known as Arsenal Fan got flyered a lot:
Charlie's flyers

Because a Press Pass means you get to use Fringe Central:
Fringe Central

Because I was a little bit proud:
Bedlam Board

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