Monday, August 30, 2010

Scenes From EdFringe: Dangerous Conversations

"Next year you're going to have a play here, right?"

It's 2.30am in a new pub where the pump broke in the midst of pouring Breakfast Club Boy's pint. He's halfway through his Edinburgh Fringe 2010, I'm two thirds of the way through mine.


For all our mutual love of Edinburgh BCBoy and I are pretty much polar opposites on the idea of bringing shows here. He - in the midst of his fourth Edinburgh - is almost evangelical about it. Me, I think if you don't have the right show, the right cast, the right venue, the right slot and the right marketing then Edinburgh is the easiest way to hemorrhage £5,000. Money, which I'd argue, might be better spent staging something elsewhere.

"What about foreverafterwards?"

This, as he knows, is a complicated subject.

"'s not..."

And clearly a complicated subject that I am incapable of being articulate about.

"I love the final scene".

Though I trust him with my writing possibly more than anyone I'm still surprised when BCBoy loves something I write, our writing styles being pretty much as opposite as our Edinburgh views. He put it rather well when he once said that he writes plays in order to tell jokes and I write plays in order to tell a mood. I wonder fleetingly if he is as surprised when I love something he writes.

"It's not...right".

Though, let me be clear in case you think there is something approaching modesty here, I do think the final scene rocks. It has ducks in it after all.

"Then write something. You're better than..."

He gestures.

And I think, these boys, they have a lot to answer for.

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