Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Great Big Edinburgh Fringe 2010 List - Day Eight

So - more rain. More free shows. But, crucially, no more four star ones (or better) as yet. Have sneaking suspicion that to get my show mojo back I'm going to have to pay. Bugger.

Hamlet the Musical - Free (courtesy of twitter)
Emma Thompson Presents: Fair Trade - Free (courtesy of Theatre Ninjas)
Lovesong - Free (courtesy of the a man in the Pleasance Dome coffee shop offering me a free ticket. Score.)
The Chinese State Circus Mulan
- Review Show
The Inconsiderate Aberrations of Billy The Kid - £5 (even though I folded the friggin' programmes. And have something I wrote on the flyer. And...oh, you get the picture. Not bitter. Really.)
BattleActs! - Free (part of Free Fringe, I might not have put anything in the bucket afterwards on account of having seen - and paid for - the show seven times in London)
Like Little Girls in a Sweet Shop - Review
The Stag King - Free (courtesy of the man in C cafe offering me a free ticket. Score the second.)
Hot Mess - Review
Invisible Atom - Free (courtesy of Theatre Ninjas)
Primadoona - Review
Paul Sinha: "Extreme Anti-White Vitriol" - Review
Tiffany Stevenson: Dictators - Review
Luke Toulson: Sorry About Last Night - Review
You Can't Go Swimming With Your Ex Husband - Free (courtesy of Theatre Ninjas)
Emma Thompson Presents: Fair Trade - Review (and second viewing)
Righteous Money - Free (courtesy of a friend)
Steve Pretty on The Origin of the Pieces - Free (courtesy of Theatre Ninjas)
The Man and Men - Free (courtesy of Theatre Ninjas)
Lipstick - Free (courtesy of a friend of a friend)
The Grandees - Review

1 purveying whiskey and loud music.
1 theatre bar purveying spirits and cake.
1 purveying a beer garden and over priced vodka until I got cast discount (score).
1 which did not purvey Sunday lunch due to its special 'Festival Menu'.
1 launch party with free gin.

Bruises/ Notable Injuries / Ailments:
Three. At least one of these deserves, if not its on blog post, then most definitely its own tweet.
One blister [left foot].
The Billy The Kid throat infection type thing (hear me growl)

Number of times I have been flyered:
A measly seven times.
A still insubstantial ten.
Fourteen. And no one flyered me after 2.00pm.
Twenty One (largely due to the walk of flyer death between Fringe Central and Gilded Balloon).
Twenty Nine (it would seem that the rain bothers flyerers almost as much as the look on my face does)

Number of times it has rained (on me):

Number of spotteds:
Not a single one. Which is all the more pathetic given the number of real-life people I have bumped into in the last twenty four hours.
As above.
And repeat.
Stewart Lee! Finally!
Either I saw the guy who played Rosencrantz in the David Tennant Hamlet walking down Cowgate today or it was someone who looks *very* like him. Until proven otherwise I'm going for the former because I am clutching at straws here.

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