Friday, August 06, 2010

The Great Big Edinburgh Fringe 2010 List - Day Three

So the list continues and, sob, I actually have to expend actual money on an actual show.

Hamlet the Musical - Free (courtesy of twitter)
Emma Thompson Presents: Fair Trade - Free (courtesy of Theatre Ninjas)
Lovesong - Free (courtesy of the a man in the Pleasance Dome coffee shop offering me a free ticket. Score.)
The Chinese State Circus Mulan
- Review Show
The Inconsiderate Aberrations of Billy The Kid - £5 (even though I folded the friggin' programmes. And have something I wrote on the flyer. And...oh, you get the picture. Not bitter. Really.)

1 purveying whiskey and loud music.
1 theatre bar purveying spirits and cake.

Three. At least one of these deserves, if not its on blog post, then most definitely its own tweet.

Number of times I have been flyered:
A measly seven times.
A still insubstantial ten.

Number of times it has rained (on me):

Number of spotteds:
Not a single one. Which is all the more pathetic given the number of real-life people I have bumped into in the last twenty four hours.
As above.

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