Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Great Big Edinburgh Fringe 2010 List - Day Two

I realise I should be keeping tally of various 'stuff' not only because it's nice to look back on but also because I'm borderline obsessional and love lists. Plus - I realised today that I'm in the midst of 'how many productions can I see for free semi-challenge' which makes me feel bad for my fellow theatre makers, but happy for my bank balance. So I'm going to be noting what I spent as well, so that I can tally up how things are going and, maybe, come up with some conclusions at the end of August.

This is obviously just the beginning for the list. Categories may die whilst others may be born. We'll just have to see how it goes.

In comparison to last year (by this point in proceedings I'd seen double the number of shows I currently have) it's a civilised beginning. Having said that I'm here for almost five times the amount of time I was last year and the Festival proper hasn't opened yet, so this is probably a good thing all round.

Hamlet the Musical - Free (courtesy of twitter)
Emma Thompson Presents: Fair Trade - Free (courtesy of Theatre Ninjas)
Lovesong - Free (courtesy of the a man in the Pleasance Dome coffee shop offering me a free ticket. Score.)

1 purveying whiskey and loud music.

Three. At least one of these deserves, if not its on blog post, then most definitely its own tweet.

Number of times I have been flyered:
A measly seven times.

Number of times it has rained (on me):

Number of spotteds:
Not a single one. Which is all the more pathetic given the number of real-life people I have bumped into in the last twenty four hours.

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