Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Final Word (Or Several)

If I'm honest I spent a good chunk of the past week in some low-level grump. Not an existential crisis sort of grump but more a grump that leads to me being sarcastic to people who are not used to hearing me be sarcastic or melodramatic or having little to no patience. I swore at a driver in the street who had the temerity to beep me when it was him driving through a red light. I told a Bus Driver off. I cried four times whilst reading Sunday's Observer. I alternated listening to The Smiths with songs which reminded me of Edinburgh (should you be wondering, Edinburgh likes Poker Face a lot).

In contrast to all of this I went out of my way to remind myself why I love London. I had chips and Pimm's with Dean. I went to my first Late V&A event (wearing a beautiful sparkly Fever dress in the process). I went to my local fringe theatre. I took the last opportunity to go to The Royal Court's Empty Shop. I walked by the river and photographed The Globe in the morning sunlight. I took myself and my Sunday paper to brunch and didn't set a time limit.

For lots of reasons, some of which I maybe now have the nous not to blog about, Edinburgh Fringe 2010 was special in lots of ways. I got to spend time (albeit too briefly in some cases) with people I genuinely miss. I made some new friends, found a new coffee shop, ate lots of homemade chocolate brownies. I saw theatre that challenged me, that energised me, that changed me. I saw things that made me want to create. I came back from Edinburgh with, for the first time in over 18 months, the knowledge that I have a new play that I have to write.

I, like so many of the people I shared my time in Edinburgh with, didn't want it to end. As I arrived back to a London enveloped in a grizzly grey drizzle it struck me that, without the required notice period, Autumn had arrived. And I wasn't ready to let Summer go quite yet.

September is generally the month where I look backwards, tripping over my feet in a bid not to forget all that has come before. I'm not going to do that on DA this year.

I'm going to march forward.

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