Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Doing the Grump

Monday was the day when Edinburgh Fringe hit me in the face. After a succession of late nights and then early mornings meeting copy deadlines I awoke today to discover that my throat felt like someone had stuck some razors down it in the middle of the night. This in itself isn't Edinburgh's fault (I know exactly where I'm pointing the finger for passing on illness) but it wasn't the greatest of beginnings.

After writing and submitting my copy (which took longer than normal through a combination of sleepiness and that I was writing my first ever comedy stand-up review) I decided to try and sleep some more. Mistake number one because that meant I was rushing.

Of course when I was in central Edinburgh it started to rain. And, equally obviously, (and mistake number two) I was wearing my sandals.

Then the show I was reviewing started late and was longer than its advertised running time anyway. And though it was, well, okay it was a bit of a come down after Sunday had been comprised of my three favourite shows I’ve seen in Edinburgh thus far.*

Then I left the venue and it was raining. And not just a little bit. It was a bit like the end of the world, or at least how I imagine the end of the world might be if it were to involve drowning.

And people - oh, people - they just wouldn’t move. The Edinburgh amble is a close relative of the Oxford Street amble. And I hate ambling.

This all meant that by the time I reached Fringe Central to dry off and eat I had thirty minutes before I’d need to set off for the Pleasance.

Then I arrived at the Pleasance and, bloody hell, I’d been booked in for the right comedian but the wrong show. Obviously this would be the one time in the entire festival that I’ve collected a reviewing ticket less than fifteen minutes before a show and thus the one time when it was too late to do anything about it. So I left the office a message and took myself back to Fringe Central with a ticket for a show that doesn’t start until much later in the evening.

So, yes, Monday was grump day.

*Obviously this excludes Billy, which is a category unto itself. If this footnote doesn't make clear - I have fallen into this trap before.

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