Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Coach The First

All truth told, I didn't have exactly high hopes for yesterday. There was some stuff about packing and having to be up at 6.00am in there but mainly it was due to the nine and a half hour coach journey. I'm going to repeat that in case any of you at the back didn't hear: THE NINE AND A HALF HOUR COACH JOURNEY. That's a long time for anyone, but for someone who has moderate to severe motion sickness and once went through two plastic bags on a Leeds - London coach (I'm sorry, you probably didn't need that detail, but it remains a traumatic memory)? Eternity.

Under self-inflicted delusion I had convinced myself that this coach journey would be okay (largely because it didn't cost me a kidney, as the equivalent train journey booked slightly too late, would have done). Financial reasoning aside I had one thing to go on: once, during the last time we had a Conservative Prime Minister*, I did a coach journey from Leeds to the French Alps. And, as the fact that I am here now writing this would attest to, I survived it. Which given that that particular journey also included a ferry (boats being my absolute least favourite form of transport) I had to conclude that London - Edinburgh on National Express (no, couldn't bring myself to do Megabus, largely because it has the word 'mega' in it) would be fine. Ish.

Turns out - not exactly pleasant. But not so bad that I am writing this from a darkened room with a damp cloth on my forehead. And, even from me with a stomach that had stayed somewhere around Alnwick, part of the journey was quite beautiful**.

But now - I am in Edinburgh and will not be using any form of transport except my legs for some time.

*I am not trying to draw any conclusions from the fact that I have only taken ridiculous coach journeys under Conservative Prime Ministers but I'm just putting this out there. Never happened under Labour.

**That sounds like damning with faint praise, but is actually quite an achievement what with NINE AND A HALF HOURS ON A COACH.

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