Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tomorrow Morning I Will Not Be Voting Conservative. This Is Why.

Because I believe that the current recession is more akin to the situation in the 1930's than in the 1980s/ early 1990's and that reducing spending in 2010 (when there is nothing to replace it from the private sector) would lead us back into recession.

Because I cannot vote for a party who will stand by "principles" of tolerance only in seats they know they will lose (goodbye Philip Lardner) but will not remove Phillipa Stroud (a "rising star" of the Conservative Party) from her candidacy because she sits in a seat they may win (currently 2,846 Lim Dem majority) even though she believes that homosexuality can be "cured" by prayer.

Because I do not want a Home Secretary who thinks equality laws can be broken.

Because I do not believe there is a "bias" towards accommodating children with special needs/ disabilities in mainstream schools.

Because I feel passionately about the BBC.

Because I will not be dictated to by Rupert Murdoch.

Because under a Conservative Mayor bus prices in London rose by 20%, an increase that was to plug the hole in falling tube revenue and which predictably side stepped the fact that buses are more regularly used by the poorest sectors of London society - who cannot afford to spend one hour of their working day to pay for the tube. Monthly tube fares remain unchanged.

Because I refuse to be conned by the idea that 6 billion pounds in "waste" can be eliminated in one year. Particularly when David Cameron is previously on record saying that "waste" is an empty political statement.

Because I want to punch George Osbourne in the face every time I see him.

Because, whilst I'm here on the subject of Osbourne, not only was he stupid and arrogant enough to say that there was a risk of "sterling collapse, a run on the pound" as a political point scoring exercise the Lib Dems also estimate that he owes the taxpayer £55,000 in false expenses claims.

Because having a "cap" on immigration from outside the EU is so ridiculous it would be laughable if I didn't think the Conservatives were entirely serious. What is this mythical cap? Ten? Twenty? One hundred? What happens if the quota is filled by April? So no one can stay here until the next year?

Because I think anyone who was a member of the Bullingdon Club should automatically be banned for life from having any influence on the future of Britain. And I say that as someone who is hugely proud of Oxford University and its students.

Because I want political reform, not boundary changes that benefit no one but the Conservatives. I want every vote to count.

Because the notion that philanthropy in Britain is developed enough to support the arts is blatantly untrue.

Because I cannot see why - when heading for cuts as we are - raising the inheritance tax threshold to benefit 3,000 of the richest people in the country is either desirable or fair.

Because I think the inevitable raise in VAT which will come with a Conservative government will hit some of the poorest sectors of society.

Because I do not want the tax system to mark anyone who isn't part of a "traditional" family structure as an inferior.

Because I remember pre-1997.

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TheActorBegins said...

Hear! Hear!

It's going to be a very strange setup now the coallition has been formed....