Monday, May 03, 2010

The Rest Is Silence (or not)

"You didn't say...what did you think about my noise?"*

We're sitting in Russell Square, me in my old-lady headscarf, him in a red t-shirt that came from 'Lost & Found'. 'Lost & Found' being the box of lost property at the job that pays his rent as opposed to a cool vintage store.

I laugh.

"You were right - it did make me smile".

"I knew it would. Did you turn it up at the start?"

"Yes!" I know I am talking with my hands now. "I could just about hear your voice - and then just as I turned it up -"

We say it in unison:


Breakfast Club Boy smirks. "I did that on purpose".

There's a pause as he sips from his glass of oddly-coloured snapple. Yes, snapple. Comparisons of growing up in the 1990's have led us to conclude (thankfully on my part) that snapple was a North American thing.

"It's odd - but I'm actually quite proud of it...I know if you look at it - is there a verse or a chorus? No. Is there a melody? No. Is there any discernible musical instruments? No. Is the drumming even in time? No. "

I'm laughing. It's all true.

"But for what I'm doing - the music that I listen to - this is good. In those circles. We're - quite good".

I should have realised the moment that, without prompting, the music dropped into my inbox that this was something more than just wanting to make me laugh. That Breakfast Club Boy was actually proud of what he'd done. And though - as he always knew - I wouldn't understand it in the way I understand the moment twenty seven seconds into 'Bittersweet Symphony', or the dying chords of 'Nightswimming' or the way that I need only listen to the opening of a Damien Rice album to know that I am going to cry, he sent it any way.

If I were to be honest here, I would say that I was proud of him too. That though - let us be clear - his noise, to my ears, is noise, I love it that he's doing all of these things.

He reads something else -

"You'll have to eat your words if this is what makes me successful". It's not accusatory, it's light, playful.

I do not say that I have committed no opinions, that he is reading subtext, but I can't help but smile back.

"Oh, I will do".

*I should add the warning that this link contains music which is labelled as "Psychedelic / Industrial / Minimalist". I am not sure that I know what any of those labels mean but they sound scary.

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