Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today Looked A Little Like:

Crumpets. Thirty minutes of listening to music that sounds like "children playing with loud toys" sent to me not because I would like it but because it would make me smile. Complaining midway through said music that I hadn't heard Breakfast Club Boy's trumpet playing as promised. Hearing the trumpet and it indeed making me laugh. Tomorrow's schedule getting a little more manic (though not in an unpleasant way). A sleepy sounding Dean telling me down the phone about some animal orchestra. Being on twitter as #bigotedwoman story broke. Thinking that if the world (and, by association, the election) were run by the people on my twitter stream I would be quite pleased. Being productive in an admin-y, slightly dull, but necessary way. Rearranging desk and feeling geeky pleasure at my "Out damned spot!" eraser. Not writing the play I have just over two weeks to finish the first draft of. Getting Lush Sauna tabs in the post (because I have a sauna, y'know), Jon McLaughlin's "Beautiful Disaster", blogging over there, blogging here.

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