Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things I Have Learnt Whilst Movin' Out

1. A dress is not a bargain even if purchased in the sale at a ridiculous discount (see my £120 Whistles dress, reduced to £30) if it still has the tags in it three years later.

2. Equally the wisdom of bulk buying wet wipes for festivals because they are on buy-one-get-one-free offer is not a bargain when you do this every year and thus have lots and lots of unused baby wipes and no baby to wipe.

3. Does any one person need 12 coats/ jackets? And this is not including my cape. I made that statistic better by donating my old winter coat (dated by its first outing to Scarborough to see Griffin switch on the Christmas lights in 2005) to charity. So now I have 11 coats/ jackets. And a cape.

4. Keeping all the scripts you have had to read to subsequently use them as scrap paper (erm, sorry MA Writers) is a good idea but not when you have so many of them that they would provide you with scrap paper until the end of days.

5. Moving from a top floor flat? Yes, fun that one.

6. If there was any doubt I confirmed that I only have to look at something for it to bruise me. I accumulated fourteen - yes fourteen - bruises on my legs during the move. Thankfully none were quite as spectacular as the one which I gained when I moved to London initially, slipped over in Sainsburys on my first day and turned my entire thigh purple.

7. Obviously the month that I have to live on minus money because of the expense which new flats, and moving and having to buy brownies as thank yous for friendship above and beyond the call of duty entails (I owe Arsenal Fan muchly for carting my shoes across London not once but twice in the last 11 months) is the month when George, my erstwhile companion and latop, would decide to start his death throes. So yes, George got infected, and then when we thought the infection was bad enough he had a stroke and it was all rather traumatic and now his infection has cleared up but he's still not exactly over the stroke and...yes. And, obviously, the possibility of being computerless for the first time since 1997 fills me with abject horror.

8. The chair in my new room that I decided to stand on? Yes, the leg would be broken.

9. The reason my beautiful big windows in my room have blinds covering them? I am living opposite a curtain-twitcher. But she has a battle here -I shall out nosey her and then blog about her because that is what web 2.0 allows you to do.

10. Catford Shoping Centre has a giant cat positioned over its entrance. I find this rather disturbing.

But - y'know what? London is looking properly beautiful for the first time since, I don't know, forever and Frank Turner is playing main stage at Latitude Festival and South East London has PROPER fish and chip shops. Which isn't too bad.

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