Tuesday, March 09, 2010


"I was trying to work out how many times we've actually met" Billygean says as we stand in the midst of a London night.

It can't be - I realise in this moment - much more than a handful. Two handfuls at most.

Would I be stood in this street if, back in January 2005, either or both of us hadn't started our respective blogs? There is the outside chance that events as they unfolded in the next five years might have led to the thousands of words which we have expended to each other anyway, but it is a slight possibility, hardly worth taking into account.

So blogs. They did good.

Less than a week after I have this realisation it creeps up on me that I'm about to make a choice. Since the start of the year I've had a burst of blogging, rediscovered exactly why I love it, written some things that I'm really quite proud of. Only problem - these blog posts weren't on DA. And one of the reasons that I realised I was loving them so much was because they weren't burdoned with the issue of writing 'me' (though some of them were undoubtedly me posts).

Is it possible to get bored of writing about yourself?

Erm, yes it would appear so.

Once I'd forumulated this idea it was clear that February was going to be the month the choice was made. At no point during DA's lifespan have I missed writing a post during a calendar month. Then February 28th 2010 came round and I still hadn't commited anything to this blog. It's almost some thread that if it is broken will mean I have to accept I have joined the ranks of those who have written their farewell letters and shut up shop.

Which I realised I wasn't ready to do. Which is why, with no reference to the battle that had been fought, I transcribed a snapshot of a text message conversation I'd just had (I should say thank you to Breakfast Club Boy for providing me with a last minute punchline and thus a post).

But I know some changes have to be made, if only to get me back into the proverbial groove. First up, a change of decor. If in doubt, wear a new dress after all.

Secondly, I'm giving myself liberty to write about lots of things I've neglected in the last few years. I'm going to write about the books I'm reading and the theatre I'm seeing (even when it doesn't star David Tennant) and pretty-sparkly things that make my stomach flip. I may (though you can hope other wise) write about how much I've been sucked into America's Next Top Model. I'm going to write about London and what it's like to live here because, eighteen months in, I'm still new enough to realise how beautiful it is and how many amazing things it allows you to see and do. I'm going to blog about some of the day-to-day stuff of writing. I'm going to take more photos and put them up here (if I ever find my cable that I tidied up a week or so ago and now can't place). And because I will forever have a prediliction for turning moments of my life into scenes to go on here, 'me' will still creep in.

So - 2010. The year of the good blogger.

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Fran said...

Looking forward to reading more. Especially about your reading. I'm really nosey about other people's bookshelves, and posts about reading habits are the online equivalent.