Wednesday, March 03, 2010

On Being Competitive #3975

On Being Competitive #3975

I look over to Arsenal Fan, sitting as we are in a theatre cafe just down the road from where Kit Marlowe was murdered*:

"And that is why..."

I push the palm of my hand on to the table:

"Crush them like a bug".

Arsenal Fan's eyes widen before he starts to laugh.

"You're actually evil".

I smirk.

"That's the thing - I write happy-wistful plays, you write dark-depressing plays. People think I'm good-cop and you're bad-cop. What they don't always notice is that I'm driven and very competitive whilst you're sensitive and worry about people's feelings. So under the surface you're nice and, well, I'm a little bit evil".

I'm being facetious, of course I am, but I've said it before and probably will have to say it again - sometimes people think I'm a nicer person than I actually am. I put it down to the fact that I wear lots of florals, like the word 'yes' more than the word 'no' and have a customer service 'hello'. Breakfast Club Boy once told me that he thought I only did that 'hello' when I answered the phone to him until, that is, he heard me answer the phone to someone I didn't know with exactly the same emphasis.

Hmmm. What can I say? That 'hello' got me enough tips when I was ushering at the Royal Opera House to pay for my Christmas drinks bill.

So, sometimes, people forget I'm a little harder than the outerlayer suggests.

Arsenal Fan laughs, only a hint of fear coming through.

I do the palm-to-table motion again.

"Crush them like a bug".

*Or faked his death depending on which theory you prefer.


Val said...

I sometimes worry about how similar we are. People can confuse floral frocks with 'fluffy' (it's the Laura Ashley persona that fools them) I have spent part of this week being ever so slightly scary, and quite relishing the fact

Corinne said...

Ha ha, I did think it was a Val moment - the dawning realisation that you may be scary...