Friday, March 19, 2010

Half Term (Or something like that)

There is a myriad of things which I should have done this week (like filled out more applications, and chased up some phonecalls, and returned library books, and finished a final draft of a script I have been saying I'll finish since I don't know - the beginning of time - and, oh, found somewhere to live given the fact I have three weeks until I leave Streatham). But instead I have done things like watch opera and have long lunches and window shop with Dean and hung out in East London and watched Breakfast Club Boy (almost) get to do improv rather than compere and plotted a new play and had coffee in Brixton and had a proportionally large amount of Canadians in my week and been to the V&A not once but twice. I've also used the tube three out of seven days (which is pretty much a record for me since I am a South London bunny and South London is largely the land that the tube forgot) and even went so far as travelling on the DLR for the first time. Rock and indeed roll.

Also - I've got myself plagued by an Alexander McQueen dress Dean and I found in Libertys. It's a bit like this, but not as full in the skirt and suitable for women under six foot tall and the most beautiful blue and, well, is £1,555. My general response to buying dresses is - well, I'll take an extra shift somewhere but I'm thinking that this plan might not work on this occasion.

So, I'm coveting that dress. Oh, and a plane ticket to Toronto. And a ticket to Latitude Festival. And, I suppose since we're here, a flat in Greenwich.

But mainly the dress.

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