Tuesday, January 05, 2010

...That is the question.

...That is the question.

Today Dean and I had one of our semi-regular daytrips to Ikea (I use the term 'daytrip' with not quite as much irony as you might imagine; Dean and I are possibly the only two people in Britain who actually enjoy an Ikea outing) when I noticed a bookcase that appeared to be covered in brightly coloured graffiti. And this is Ikea where the overwhelming colour scheme is beige thus making a bookcase covered in green graffiti as noticeable as I would be at a glow-sticked rave.

It was only when I got closer (undoubtedly pulled in by the sight of colour that was not beige or cream or white) that there was something a little bit special about the graffiti...

Shakespeare Does Ikea

And in case you'd like a close up:

To be or not to be

Shakespeare graffiti! On a bookcase in Ikea!

Which obviously made me both excited and confused in equal measure. Because I don't understand the demographic Ikea is aiming for with this one. Brightly coloured graffiti says to me tweenage boy. Whilst Shakespeare says, well, me! And obviously the tweenage boy is going 'what is all that Shakespeare crap about?' and I'm going 'what is that brightly coloured graffiti crap about?'. Thus Ikea, the home of offensive to no one, has created a piece of furniture which NO ONE could possibly want. (Obviously if you have this item in your home I apologise...actually, no I don't. Especially if you have it in the orange version).

We did subsequently find the bookcase in black and (somewhat unsurprisingly) it seems to have made its way into the sale (how could Ikea not see that one coming?).

If music be the food of love...

As if it were haunting us, it also popped up in the special bargains section with a shop-soiled one (in day-glow orange) for the pricely sum of £19.99.


Me neither.

[Though, Ikea, should you wish to sell me one in black for under £5 then it would officially qualify as a comedy purchase and, y'know, we might have a deal.]


Shona said...

Sorry Corinne - we have one [at a bargain price in black] Mary and I love it and it fits into the Ark room fine. It says fun to me - sorry to offend your sensibilities!! At less than £20 to double stack books and more books where you only see a small % of the writing it qualifies as a cheeky little bargain buy certainly compared to my lovely new Barker and Stonehouse bookcase in the lounge!!
Mary says she would have more!! love Shona x
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

I don't hate it.