Monday, January 25, 2010

Ovid Reworked - The Brixton Project

Ovid Reworked - The Brixton Project

I could list all the ways that I heart this poster but we would be here for some time. So just look at it and see its glory:


As well as co-curating the festival (11 writers, 3 directors, 15 actors, 2 musicians, 1 installation artist and counting) I've written a piece called Skipping Games which is a rather Carol Ann Duffy/ Margaret Atwood inspired take on the story of Phaeton (I was going to write a brief synopsis of the myth but you might as well follow the link; needless to say my take on it is a little bit different, involving as it does Phaeton's three sisters and a skipping rope).

It is, needless to say, all rather exciting. And terrifying. Probably in equal measure.


Val said...

I love your poster!
'Break a leg' (well, not literally etc etc...)

Anonymous said...

Break legs, not feet!


Anonymous said...

PS - I still cannot get your RSS to work :(