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52 Weeks, 52 Songs (2009)

52 Weeks, 52 Songs (2009)

So I mentioned that I had a review of the year fandango in the planning and I'm now ready to reveal that it is based around the idea of '52 weeks, 52 songs'. Which is pretty much what it says on the tin in as much as I've picked 52 songs that have somehow or other defined a week (or weeks) of my life in 2009 and then made them into one playlist of greatness (and, erm, greatness though they might all be it has given way to some odd bedfellows. The bit where Cheryl Cole gives way to Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds is one of the particular highlights of music which shouldn't ever be put next to each other). And because this is 2010 and all that - I've created the playlist on spotify so you can (if you are so inclined and spotified-up) listen to any of the tracks that might take your fancy.

But what is a playlist on its own? Because of course each of the 52 songs has a story, or a feeling, or a moment and I've written something for each of them so that when I look back I will have a synopsis of the year in 52 handy bite-size, soundtracked nuggets (if I needed them, Alanis Morrisette followed up by The Carpenters clearly points to a couple of weeks of emotional turmoil). Some of the extracts are mini scenes, some are links, some are a few lines as I explain why I absolutely couldn't get through the list and not put something by Counting Crows on there.

In terms of songs I've restricted myself to one song by all but three artists who sneak in there with two each (it may come as no surprise that one of them is The Mighty Snow Patrol [owners of song of the decade according to Channel Four, the most played song on the radio of the noughties according to official figures and DT's choice for 'Song of The Decade'. Feel my pride - and I was there when Gary Lightbody said that we were the first crowd ever to sing 'Chasing Cars' back at him]). There are some ommisions, some technical [Michael Nyman's 'The Musicologist Score which is not officially available], some because the realisation came too late. I might give a nod to these at the end. But I think the final list straddles those songs I've loved this year, with those that have stuck in my head and those I will love forever.

Part One: Song 1 -10 (Winter to Spring)

Part Two: (Spring to Summer)

Part Three: (Summer to Autumn)

Part Four: (Autumn to Winter)

Part Five: Winter

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