Saturday, November 21, 2009

One Hundred Days...

One Hundred Days...

I knew as soon as I saw One Hundred Days To Make Me A Better Person that I would have to take part. Really, they might as well have stuck stickers with my name emblazoned on them all over it. An interactive project! Self improvement! Self competitive-ness! Slightly loopy!

That's me signed up then.

Of course, then I had to come up with a pledge. At first I thought I'd pledge to knit three rows a days for the one hundred days. I've just taken up knitting and if my knitting skills were an animal they would be a new-born deer on ice. Sort of. But for all it might mean I had something concrete to show at the end of it - knitted goodness (well, a scarf without too many holes would be nice) the fact that I'm already knitting about three rows a day means (in my head) it's cheating. So I'm just going to have to continue the knitting without the hundred days incentive (well, I do have the incentive of a Cath Kidston knitting bag looming which works for me too).

After I'd dismissed knitting I pretty much came round to the idea that I was going to take one photo a day, write one sentence for that one photo and pick one song to represent it. And this is me, I only take photos when it snows so this was going to be some sort of challenge. I also thought that at the end of the project it would make for a lovely scrapbook (something I keep meaning to make for myself given that I only seem to make them for other people).

I even got round to writing this in the pledge box on the site. Only - lots of people are taking photos and even with those extra 'ands' I knew this wasn't going to be a particularly original project. And, well, I wanted something with a little twist.

So - in the flash of the insane moment I wrote my new, just thought up pledge into the box:

‘Once a day for one hundred days I will write one postcard (and, where appropriate, send it to the person concerned)’.

Best not think about the cost of the stamps right now, okay? But the fact is - I love hand written notes. I love postcards. And I always wish I took the time to write more of them (hey, to write any of them). So this means I have no excuse.

I did pause for a moment before I hit submit on this just because it struck me that I might not know one hundred people who I would want (and who would want me) to send a postcard to them. I quickly realised that this was missing the point, I just needed to think about it creatively. Which I know sounds vague but if you were paying attention to the bracket then you might guess where I'm going.

But that doesn't mean I'm going to fully explain it here, you're just going to have to wait. As part of the deal the idea is to document what you're doing and where better than DA? (yes, I know I heart twitter, but then DA is where I belong, I like waffle too much to ever be anything other than a Blogger). So I'm going to document all of the postcards on here. So if you've got postcard phobia it might be an idea to come back in March.

For the record I think I'm going to have an informal bash at the photo thing too, but more for my own interest than for the project (and because, yes, I want a scrapbook of my own) and that one, when I stop after day four, doesn't count because I didn't pledge it. But I've pledged the postcard thing. So if I fail you get to laugh and point loudly.

If any of you pledge something, do let me know so I can cheer you on too...


Anonymous said...

I love this! I love postcards too. Hmmm, what can I do...?


Nik said...

this is genius!! got to figure out what i can do now too. x said...

I had better send you my address then ;) xx

Val said...

Been racking my brains on this, but have finally thought of something.

Tom said...

Fantastic! Really glad you're taking part in the project Corinne, and hope you're very well

Tom x

(Chivers - St Anne's, and also one of the people behind this project!)