Monday, October 05, 2009

"That I would be good..."

"That I would be good..."

"It's, well, like somewhere you would go".

I look across the table, my eyebrows raised at the description of his new workplace.

"No sound of anything derogatory there, then?" I respond unable to hide a smile

Laughter greets this too. "Of course".

There's a pause, just held long enough in this over crowded, over loud pub in Bloomsbury which we - or rather, for it is important now, him and me - are curiously out of place in, lacking suits and briefcases and Friday night post working week cheer. Not to mention the finances to actually be drinking here. Not that it matters to my purse; he - as I have become a little too accustomed to - is paying.


I look directly at him.

"It's - nice".

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