Monday, October 12, 2009

Six Degrees

Six Degrees

"It's too easy".

There is little I can say to this. Director Boy has been playing 'Six Degrees of Separation' intermittently over the course of the evening. The major flaw in this game is that Director Boy can get to everybody in three degrees or less. Which is both very scary and somewhat limiting for the game. Our only success so far has been Margaret Atwood which stumped Director Boy for a few minutes at least.

"Beatrix Potter!" Dean exclaims.

"That doesn't count" Director Boy asserts.

As much as it pains me to say so, Director Boy is right.

"It only works with live people" I say.

"Yes - otherwise I could say 'William Shakespeare' and you'd need more than six people over four hundred years".

Dean smiles as if to say that he has this one cracked. "Well, I know Val and Val goes to the RSC a lot".

He says it with such authority that I can't help but laugh.

Director Boy goes for incredulity. "So if Val were walking down the street in Stratford and bumped into William Shakespeare he would say hello to her?".

There is no hesitation. "Yes".

There are, I guess, some statements you just can't argue with.

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Val said...

In my world, this is, of course, quite true ;-)
I guess this is quite a difficult game to play, given that most of us would have to go via Director Boy to get to many people, so I like Dean's interpretation!