Friday, June 05, 2009

The One Without The Ducks

The One Without The Ducks

Hmm, did I mention that I might be a little bit busy?

There is much I shall return to in a couple of weeks when the current pace of my life slows down slightly (coinciding, not coincidentally, with the end of my contact hours of my MA) - a new job, a new project to get excited about, seeing John Barrowman's bottom again, a picnic in Greenwich next to a film set, standing on the balcony at the Royal Court surveying Sloane Square in the evening sunlight and being utterly content. And cats. Not the musical, but the animal. They have become, in a startling turn around, a recurrent feature of my life. And remember - this is me. I don't even like cats.

But for now - you can read my first 'Best of This Week's Blogs' over on So - theatre bloggers out there - please write lots of interesting things next week, I beg you.

And the other thing, and the thing that's really taken up all of my time these last few weeks - my play foreverafterwards has, along with the plays of The Writers (many of whom have graced these blogs for the last six months or so), its reading at the Soho Theatre next week. And because we've put in a super-human effort there is a bewildering number of theatre-types coming over the course of the readings (including my favourite London theatre, eeek). We're doing the first 25 minutes of foreverafterwards which is sad in as much as it means that Breakfast Club Boy* won't get to do duck noises during it (should you wonder, the final scene takes place at a duck pond. In my second workshop when asked to list what they enjoyed about that particular draft everyone opened their list with - the ducks. Talk about scene stealing), and my favourite scene (which has an extended conversation about a pencil in it) isn't in there. But doing the first 25 minutes is good because, as I said some time ago, I can't write first acts for toffee. Or indeed for any other kind of sweet. And this has pushed me to deal with some of those demons and write an opening that I'm actually happy with. Which I sort of, maybe, am. Even though there is a (short) conversation in there which references Old English and which therefore NO ONE will get. But I will begin rambling soon (I say soon, did you see the length of that first sentence?) - needless to say, Monday 8th June at 4.00pm the Soho Theatre is the place to be. There will even be free wine if I don't drink it all first.  

*Gratuitous reference due to the fact that he keeps bugging me as to why I haven't written more of his adventures on here recently. I shall keep all remarks about egotistical actors to myself. This, I am afraid, will have to do for now. Or until he buys me things.

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