Thursday, April 02, 2009

"In your pink knitted wool dress"

"In your pink knitted wool dress/ Before anything had smudged anything/ You stood at the altar. Bloomsday."

This has nothing to do with Berlin (did I mention I just got back from there?), or indeed anything to do with the list of things I absolutely must blog about before I forget but I really wanted to flag up the utterly wonderful Free Verse on Flickr. It's quirky, intelligent and poetic photography. What's not to love? And it's all in honour of it being National Poetry Month in America. As I'm one of the 75 people in Britain who buys poetry for pleasure things like this make me very happy indeed. So, go look.

And since my MA has (if nothing else) given me a hugely increased knowledge of all things Canadian* I need to add that this is rather wonderful too. By the end of the month I shall be smug due to (possibly) knowing more about contemporary Canadian poetry than either of the two class Camericans. Poetry and smugness. It's a winning combination.

*I would not be mean enough to bandy about a phrase such as over compensating, but when you get an email which includes a capitalised sentence about the apple pie being Canadian such a phrase does spring to mind.

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