Friday, April 10, 2009

The Berlin Diaries: The Adventures of Mini David

The Berlin Diaries: The Adventures of Mini David

Whilst Charming Canadian, Irish Boy and I were spending lots of time walking around Berlin, attempting to find ice cream at 11.00pm and generally confusing the locals (or, when we accidentally wandered into the red light district, generally being confused by the locals) there was a fourth member of our group who had his own very special experience of Berlin. Only without the language barrier because when you can speak Judoon (and indeed five billion other languages) a bit of German isn't really going to phase you...

Even Mini David has to be tourist some times.

Mini David thankfully didn't have too many problems getting through security at the Reichstag, even given his sonic screwdriver. And what is there to do when you've climed to the top of the Reichstag dome other than get a holiday pic with the German flag in the background?

Coveting a bike in Potsdam

Taking a stroll in the utterly beautiful Potsdam.

Would you mess with this man? Me neither.

I think a historical Doctor Who episode might be coming on here. Big dresses, possibly a horse, certainly the invention of a cocktail three hundred years too early...

On the lookout at Sanssouci

And why not throw in the Summer Palace whilst we're there?

Hide and Seek

Though there's always one who has to go and make a comedy pose on a statue...

Mini David. Comic and Educational.

Mini David did manage to redeem himself by being a very effective (and informative) tour guide.

Rousing the crowds in Bassinplatz
Until, that is, he decided to start a revolution. Some things never change.

Mini David would like to thank Charming Canadian for acting as his official photographer whilst on tour. Charming Canadian took his role so seriously that he even laid in the middle of the high street for several minutes, whilst various locals laughed at him, in order to get Mini David's best angle. Clearly should the playwriting thing not work out, there's a new career for him.

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