Thursday, March 12, 2009

Once Upon A Wishing Tree

Once Upon A Wishing Tree

If there is one rule about going to Newcastle (other than maybe taking a photo of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge) then it is that a visit to the Baltic is a must. Not only is the Baltic an absolutely wonderful space, with views of the type that make me think I could absolutely, positively live in Newcastle and filled with art that I don't always understand but which always intrigues me, it also has the most amazing giftshop. And this is me, I judge cultural institutions by the quality of the tat in their giftshop so I do not say things like that lightly.

Given this it was probably no surprise that with a few hours to kill before The Killers (see what I did there?) Bourbon, (Lovely) Tour Guide, Old Friend and I trooped off to Gateshead to have a wander around the Baltic. I have to confess that when I saw the signs on the side of the building which proclaimed that its main exhibition was Yoko Ono I wasn't exactly enthused.

Obviously this is just another reason why I should learn not to judge a book by its cover because when we arrived on the fourth floor it was to the sight of three wish trees. And after my brush with both My I Like in Leeds and 'If I Created The World...' in Bergen it should be clear that I LOVE interactive art. Particularly when it involves words. So, obviously, I had to have a go. And, equally obviously, it took me approximately two hours to work out what I was writing. And then I had to write on both sides of my luggage tag.

The flippant side:

The DT wish.Align Center

The side that nearly wasn't flippant and then became a little bit a lot so because I CAN'T HELP IT:

The semi-serious wish

Due to the time it took to get all the wishing out of the way (and read all those other wishes, some beautiful, some laugh out loud funny, some so achingly poignant that I almost had to look away) it was soon time for us to go off in search of food. So, I did the only thing I could do, and came back the next day before catching my train to finish the exhibition and to add a final wish to the tree:


Which says it all really.

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Generic Shithead said...

This is probably not the appropriate place to note such a discovery, but i felt the need: On your blog under 'I AM' it currently states:

Corinne, 25, MA Student, Wannabe Playwright but full time Theatre Geek, Blogger and Non-Stalker of Boys With Guitars. Has Great Handbags

25 i hear you cry? Lies. No free theatre for you. x

p.s. change this or i may feel the need to flag up your blog to the appropriate authorities.