Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Newest Boy with Guitar

My Newest Boy with Guitar

Did you really think I could let this pass?

Wub. That would be for David rather than Davina.

Look at the suit. Look at the tie. Look at the fact that, 48 hours later, I probably still need to take a cold shower.

But I think we need to look at further evidence of DT's all encompassing brilliance. For posterity. And my hormones.

The Future Mr DA generally getting rather into it [clearly I did not chose these photos to flatter Davina]:

Come On!

Thinking and looking cute:

Even Cute When Thinking...

Doing some more thinking and still looking cute:

Just look at the pin-stripe...

And - then - if really, really Comic Relief hadn't spoilt me enough, what do they go and provide me with? Only DAVID TENNANT AND A GUITAR. I think I need to repeat that in case someone at the back didn't hear: DAVID TENNANT AND A GUITAR. Which is so many of my favourite things rolled into one that it is almost obscene.

Boy with Guitar. And red shoes.

There was Franz Ferdinand too (last seen at Latitude confusing Dean because all of their songs sound the same), but, if I'm honest, I wasn't really taking much notice of them. What with DT HAVING A GUITAR and all that.

Oh, I would...

And feeling it...

Feeling it...

Sorry, I'm just going to have to pick myself up from the floor. Normal service should be resumed some time around May.


Val said...

I know, I KNOW! OMG how gorgeous did he look! (I note you've skipped on the pics when he snogged Davina)I loved him winning Mastermind (and being so excited about it) I loved him loving every bit of presenting, and coming across like a natural, I loved him asking me for money so much that I picked up the phone and texted 'YES'.
And just when I thought it was all over, I looked up when Franz Ferdinand were on, and there he was, playing at being a boy with guitar.
I know exactly why you feel the need to lie down!

Anonymous said...

i tried to tell my best mate that the doctor was on tv avec davina and she called me a liar for five minutes before she saw him looking hot in his white suit and finally believed me *rolls eyes*