Wednesday, February 04, 2009

More Songs For Polar Bears

More Songs For Polar Bears

Another no-school snow day, this one greeted with notably less enjoyment because, hey, I like Tuesdays. In the morning we sit around a table, drink coffee and talk about other people's plays. In the afternoon we sit around a table, drink coffee and talk about our plays. In the evening we sit around a table, drink alcohol and talk about how we are going to take over the world. What's not to like?

But then, because I wasn't the only one starting to be overcome with cabin-fever, it was declared that a trip to Greenwich Park was in order. And I've never been to Greenwich. So, obviously, a day when the London transport system is still messed up is clearly the right time to visit.

And the first thing that struck me about Greenwich - all the space. In London. Fields! It has been too long.

Ski-Run (sort of)

Greenwich in the snow

Greenwich looking beautiful

After the obligatory snowball fight, there had to be a snowman.

Mr Snowman

I think we're all more about the idea than the construction it would seem. But good characterisation I think. And, yes, that is a £5 note in his mouth.

Tomorrow, Uni is open again (helpful given that I have no more contact hours this week) so all the snow-day anarchy must stop, the wellies can go back into the cupboard and everyone in London can go back to not talking to strangers in the street.

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